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      Distinguished Chef Patron Raphael Duntoye was one of the international guest chefs at the GTBank Food & Drink Fair hosted earlier this year in Lagos, Nigeria. Here are the highlights from his Masterclass. Enjoy!

      Sep 26, 2016

      Renowned New York based chef Marcus Samuelsson was one of the international guest chefs at the GTBank Food & Drink Fair hosted earlier this year in Lagos, Nigeria. Here are the highlights from his Masterclass. Enjoy!

      Sep 26, 2016
    • Motion Town: Episode 3 Audi A6|VW CC

      Motion Town is back! On this episode, Femi Odewunmi along with his co-host, David Achakobe review two powerful sedans; the Audi A6 and the Volkswagen CC. Watch!

      Sep 15, 2016
    • The Juice Special : Jidenna

      On this episode of The Juice, Dorcas Shola Fapson meets up with the classic man himself, Jidenna. He sheds more light on the controversy that trailed his visit to his home country, Nigeria in 2010, and talks about his new album, his musical influences, and life after the passing of his father, who had a lot of influence on his life. Enjoy!

      Sep 14, 2016
    • The New Africa: Calabar/Lagos

      Folustorms rounds up her tour of The New Africa with a double dose of adventure! Beginning with the exciting Calabar Carnival, to exploring the Obudu Mountain Resort, and exploring nightlife and lifestyle in the city of Lagos; this final trip is one you should not miss. Watch!

      Sep 08, 2016

      Folustorms takes a trip to Maputo, Mozambique where she explores lifestyle, art, and more!

      Sep 01, 2016

      Touchdown Accra! Folustorms begins her tour of the Ghanaian capital ringside, enjoying the thrills of a Boxing Match. Experience fashion, lifestyle and art on this exciting episode of The New Africa.

      Aug 25, 2016
    • Analyse This: Episode 8 – The Nigerian Stock Market

      How much do you know about stocks and the Nigerian stock market? Do you know the best times for you to invest in stocks?

      Arese Ugwu and Tunji Andrews discuss the volatility of the Nigerian Stock Market and give tips on how to take advantage of investment in stocks.

      Aug 23, 2016

      Folu loved South Africa so much she decided to extend her stay! This time, she is in Capetown climbing the Table Mountain, going wine tasting, and doing lots of fun things! Enjoy.

      Aug 18, 2016
    • The New Africa – Johannesburg

      From Sway, to Kong, Folustorms begins her new adventure with exploring nightlife in the beautiful city of Johannesburg, hitting punchlines with SA’s self proclaimed DMX. From the Africology Spa, to the Michaelangelo, she takes in the luxury and fun the city has to offer in this new episode of The New Africa.

      Aug 11, 2016
    • Analyse This: Episode 7 – Insurance In Nigeria

      On this episode of Analyse This, Arese Ugwu and Tunji Andrews discuss the importance of Insurance to individuals when it comes to safeguarding their investments. Are you insured? Do you know all you need to about insurance? Watch!

      Aug 09, 2016
    • The New Africa – Kampala

      Experience the New Africa and all her beauty with Folustorms as she embarks on a tour of African countries to explore art, music and culture. On this episode, we are in Kampala, Uganda; enjoy!

      Aug 04, 2016
    • Motion Town: Episode 2 – Porsche Cayenne

      Today on Motion Town, Femi Odewunmi explores the Porsche Cayenne, a highly functional SUV on the streets of Lagos, before moving to the Peugeot Assembly Plant in Kaduna and showing off a pimped out Chevrolet. Enjoy

      Jul 28, 2016
    • Analyse This: Episode 6 – The Real Estate Market In Nigeria

      How soon should an individual consider investing in Real Estate in Nigeria? Is the Real Estate Market in Nigeria conducive enough to encourage individuals and businesses alike to make investments in property? Has the Federal Government put policies in place for the populace to gain easy access to property in Nigeria?

      Watch Arese Ugwu and Tunji Andrews discuss these issues and more on an all new episode of AnalyseThis as they delve into the intricacies of investing in the Real Estate Market Nigeria.

      Jul 26, 2016
    • Skinny Girl In Transit S2E10 – Wrecking Ball – Season Finale

      As the season comes to an end, Shalewa gets an unexpected visitor, and Tiwa decides to take a chance on Mide. Will this be a happy ending for everyone?

      Jul 22, 2016
    • Ndani Sessions – Falana

      On this episode of Ndani Sessions, Falana gives a soulful rendition of her song, ‘To Bernard’.

      Jul 21, 2016