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    • NdaniRealTalk S2E7 : The Social Media Epidemic

      On this episode of Real Talk, Nicole meets up with popular OAP Osi Suave, Media Personality & Fashion Expert, Denola Grey, and Producer & TV Presenter, Seyitan Atigarin, and they discuss the epidemic that Social Media has become. Just how much has social media affected the way people live their lives? Watch!

      Sep 21, 2017
    • Analyse This S2E7 : The Nigerian Tech Industry

      On this episode of Analyse This, Honey Ogundeyi & Tunji Andrews discuss the rise of the technology industry in Nigeria, with focus on the emerging Yaba tech space. Joining the duo on this episode is Co-Founder, Co-Creation Hub, Tunji Eleso, and they discuss how young people who want to get into the tech industry can do so. Enjoy!

      Sep 19, 2017
    • Lagos Big Boy S1E12 : Four Blind Mice

      On the final episode of Lagos Big Boy, BJ and the gang find themselves on an unusual set for the shoot of a music video, and things do not end how they had planned. Watch!

      Sep 15, 2017
    • NdaniRealTalk S2E6 : Why Do Men Cheat?

      On this episode of Real Talk, actor & presenter, Bollylomo, Singer & Songwriter, Sound Sultan, Doctor and social commentator, Dr. Foy and MD, Evoke Advertising Agency, Gbile Holloway sit down with Nicole to discuss the age old question, ‘Why Do Men Cheat?’ Watch!

      Sep 14, 2017
    • Analyse This S2E6 : Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

      On this episode of Analyse This, Honey Ogundeyi & Tunji Andrews discuss the idea of Entrepreneurship, the pros and cons, and whether it is simply a passing phase like in the time after the oil boom, or if it’s here to stay. Watch!

      Sep 12, 2017
    • Lagos Big Boy S1E11 : Return Of The Bad Guy

      Shayo, Ebuka and Tunji are worried that they haven’t heard from BJ in a while. The guys finally get together and decide on a plan to make money so they can pay Rambo.

      Sep 08, 2017
    • NdaniRealTalk S2E5 : What If Your Mom or Dad Doesn’t Like Your Spouse? Let’s Talk Parental Approval

      On this episode of Real Talk, Nicole sits with OAP and producer, Hauwa Mukan, popular celebrity photographer, Anuel Eme and celebrity stylist, Jekwu. They discuss parental approval and the limits to its effects on personal choices.

      Would you let your parent’s opinions shape your decisions on issues like your choice of a spouse? Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NdaniRealTalk

      Sep 07, 2017
    • Analyse This S2E5 : Funding Opportunities For Startups In Nigeria

      On this episode of Analyse This, Honey Ogundeyi & Tunji Andrews discuss the various funding opportunities available for startup companies in Nigeria. They are joined by Chukwuezam Obanor, CEO of Prepclass.com.ng. Watch!

      Sep 05, 2017
    • https://youtu.be/1PQ_Mnr6Wm8

      Lagos Big Boy S1E10 : Prodigal Son

      After their near-death experience, BJ, Shayo, Ebuka and Tunji try to figure out how to get the 4million they now owe Rambo. BJ decides to take a break from the gang and ends up with a new job. Watch!

      Sep 01, 2017
    • NdaniRealTalk S2E4 : The Line Between Having A 9-5 & Side Hustle

      On this episode of Real Talk, Nicole meets up with Kabir Shagaya, CEO of Zippy Logistics, CEO of A2 Creatives, Adaora Mbelu-Dania , Misan Rewane, CEO West African Vocational Education, and popular Publicist & Influencer, Bizzle Oshikoya. They discuss the idea behind having regular jobs (9-5 jobs), and a side hustle, it’s demands, and the effects of having both “hustles” simultaneously.

      Aug 31, 2017
    • Analyse This S2E4 : Surviving A Dwindling Economy

      On this episode of Analyse This, Honey Ogundeyi and Tunji Andrews discuss survival methods employed by Nigerians and companies in the face of a dwindling economy. How have businesses managed to stay afloat in these times of economic uncertainty? Watch

      Aug 29, 2017
    • Lagos Big Boy S1E9 : Where’s My Money?

      Shayo and Tunji tell BJ the truth his new girlfriend, Eniola; the boys decide to get all that BJ had spent on her, but they get more than they bargained for. Watch!

      Aug 25, 2017
    • NdaniRealTalk S2E3 : Expectations & Entitlement

      On this episode of Real Talk, Nicole is joined by OAPs Adenike Oyetunde, Shola Thompson and Valentine Ohu. They discuss the “entitlement mentality” in social interactions. Should one really feel entitled to expect a certain pattern of behavior from others just because they have an affiliation?

      Join the conversation now on Twitter using the hashtags #Entitlement #NdaniRealTalk

      Aug 25, 2017
    • Officer Titus S3E11 : Oga Titus & The Gang Meet Oga and His Madam

      On the final episode of Officer Titus Season 3, Oga Titus and the gang encounter a superior traffic offender along with his wife; could this spell trouble for the gang? Watch!

      Aug 24, 2017
    • Analyse This S2E3: The Fashion Industry

      On this episode of Analyse This, Tunji and Honey discuss the Nigerian fashion industry, its current structure and the prospects for growth; they are joined by renowned fashion entrepreneur, Ejiro Amos Tafiri.

      Aug 22, 2017
    • Lagos Big Boy S1E8 : She Take My Money

      Shayo gets BJ studio time to record with Idris King, but it appears BJ has more important work to do. Tunji and Shayo go on a mini-adventure and they discover something surprising. Enjoy

      Aug 18, 2017